Steps to improve dispersion results

The relationship between the effects of energy and time enables the dispersion process to be optimised. If the required dispersion result is not achieved, it must first be determined whether this can be changed by increasing the dispersion time. The power input can be increased with higher speeds. This will normally improve the dispersion. Smaller beads and/or beads with a higher density (e.g. zircon oxide or steel) can also improve the dispersion result. Further, the bead charge can be increased to about 80%.

In order to operate the bead mill economically, dispersion should be made with as much solid matter as possible. If after the dispersion there is some flocculation, a suitable dispersing aid may help. A partial modification of the millbase formulation by using more suitable raw materials can also be made.

How can the dispersion result be improved ?

increased dispersion time 

increased the power input by increasing the speed 

increased the power input by increasing the torque

improved cooling

smaller beads or beads with a higher density

modification of the millbase (e.g. by using additives) 

increased bead charge 

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