FP Feeding press

Feeding press for processing high‒viscosity products

Förderpresse für die Perlmühlen DISPERMAT® SL zur Verarbeitung hochviskoser Produkte

For feeding non‒flowing and high‒viscosity substances through the DISPERMAT® SL and DISPERMAT® SL-nano bead mills the FP feeding press can be used. The FP-Ex feeding press is an explosion‒proof ATEX design. The feeding press is supplied with a strong stainless steel feed vessel (500 ml or 1000 ml) that fits to the milling chamber in place of the standard feed vessel. Once the feed vessel has been fitted with the product to be milled, the FP/FP-Ex feeding press is moved into place and held securely the place to the DISPERMAT® SL by a quick clamping ring.

The lowering speed of the piston can be precisely set on the housing of the FP/FP-Ex feeding press. The flow rate of the substance being fed through the mill is accurately controlled. When the piston reaches the lowest point the press stops automatically. The piston can now be lifted again, and the press is put aside after the quick clamping ring is loosened. It is not necessary to clean the piston if a film was placed between the piston and the container prior to starting work.

Feeding press
Supply vessel volume
Flow rate
FP Feeding press 500 / 1000 1.5 ‒ 10
FP-EX (ATEX) feeding press 500 / 1000 1.5 ‒ 10