Containers 125 ml - 5 litres

Double‒walled stainless steel containers

125 ml - 5 litres

Double‒walled stainless steel containers from 125 ml to 5 litres

In the laboratory and pilot plant it is often necessary to process material at defined temperatures; for example during dispersing, stirring and exothermic reactions it is often preferable to remove excess heat. Other applications may require heat to be added.

The high quality double wall temperature control containers are ideally suited for these and other applications. They are available in many sizes and models.

Volume Internal diameter Internal height Part number
125 ml dispersion container 5 cm 7 cm D20/000125
250 ml dispersion container 6.5 cm 8.5 cm D20/000250
500 ml dispersion container 8 cm 11 cm D20/000500
1 litre dispersion container 10 cm 13 cm D20/001000
2 litres dispersion container 12 cm 18 cm D20/002000
3 litres dispersion container 14 cm 20 cm D20/003000
5 litres dispersion container 18 cm 20 cm D20/005000