TORUSMILL® basket mills

Fine milling with TORUSMILL® Basket mills


Basket mills are highly efficient batch milling systems. An integral impeller pumping wheel agitates the beads and circulates the millbase through the basket. The milling basket is double‒walled for cooling and has a screen that retains the milling beads but allows the millbase to pass through. An efficient circulation of the millbase through the basket ensures excellent dispersion results in a short period of time.

TORUSMILL®: highly efficient basket mills for laboratory, pilot plant and production:

  • excellent dispersion results in a short time
  • excellent product circulation due to dissolver disc and pump wheel
  • highly repeatable dispersion results
  • uniform average residence time
  • narrow particle size distribution
  • no dead areas due to effective mill base circulation
  • no escape of milling beads during the dispersion
  • dispersion in a closed system
  • low energy requirement
  • Simple cleaning and quick change of millbase
  • Especially user‒friendly milling system: very simple and safe handling


Trade fairs

10. - 14.06.2024
ACHEMA, Frankfurt

20. - 21.11.2024


Durable and highly efficient dispersers, mixers, stirrers, basket mills and bead mills in operation worldwide

VMA‒GETZMANN develops, produces and markets high quality dispersers, mixers, stirrers, bead mills and basket mills. The innovative combination of technology and design as well as high quality are characteristic of our products. Of course, our mixing, dispersing and grinding equipment have integrated safety devices according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

Working together with the client our specialists optimize the essential process engineering and the most suitable system solution. Our involved development and design team comes with innovative ideas and long time experience in the mixing, dispersing and grinding technology. We produce with the most modern machine tools and therefore we guarantee a high standard of quality. We prove our expertise and reliability by also having an excellent after sales service.

Our experience ‒ Your advantage

Please visit us in our excellently equipped laboratory and pilot plant for a trial with your own products. We would be pleased to show you the impressive work section of our dispersing, mixing, stirring, homogenizing and fine grinding systems DISPERMAT® and TORUSMILL®. Our skilled engineers are available at any time for personal advice.