DISPERMAT® vacuum dispersers

Dispersion process under vacuum


During the dispersion process air is often trapped in the millbase. If the millbase viscosity is low enough the air will often escape naturally by itself during or after the dispersion process. The use of anti‒foam additives can also help. In industry today it is a requirement of many dispersed products to be free of air bubbles. Trapped air affects filling and end product performance and can be a serious problem. In these cases vacuum can be used to eliminate or to reduce the amount of trapped air in higher viscosity products.

Then, the dispersion process must be performed under vacuum to avoid air inclusions and micro bubbles. In addition, the use of a scraping system is often required to move the millbase from the container wall and bring it to the middle of the container. The improved product circulation allows the air to be removed more effectively.

Major advantages of a dispersion under vacuum:

  • high‒viscosity systems can largely be produced without air bubbles
  • a formation of foam is largely reduced especially in the case of aqueous system
  • products which react with oxygen or air humidity can be produced under vacuum without any problems
  • the product quality (fineness) can often be improved significantly by vacuum dispersion


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